About AIMO

Being a grown-up is hard and confusing. Especially now that the old rules (get a job, buy a house, have a family and progress in the same company till you retire) just don’t apply any more.

There is so much talk about the problems of being/employing/knowing millenials, whether we’re are entitled or whether we’ve been pushed under an economic bus and, mostly, whose fault it is. I’m more concerned with what on earth I’m supposed to be doing now, because I have no clue. For whatever reasons, the old recipe book for adulthood isn’t working for us. I’m going to try and build a new one, however partial. Send help?

I’ll be interviewing a number of people about their experiences and what’s worked for them. If you’re 16-160 and have something to add, please let me know through the contact page.

A note about swearing: I believe language evolves and that that’s a beautiful thing. Swear words are words, and they’re words with distinct uses and meanings. Sometimes, they are the best words for the job. So there will be swearing. I’ll try not to do it too gratuitously (well, for my taste – ymmmfv).